1-2-3 Algae-free

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Green algae are an annoying topic for all pool owners every year. With our innovative PureFlow algae set, you can eliminate this problem reliably and in the shortest possible time. Look forward to crystal clear water quality with 1-2-3 Algae Free.



With this set you get everything necessary for algae removal / algae prevention for an incredible special price.

1 x CRISTAL Algae Prevention 1.0 l

1 x CRISTAL Clear Effect 0.5 l

1 x CF Chlorine rapid tablets for rapid disinfection and high chlorination 1.0 kg (50x20g)

1 x PureFlow POOL 3D filter material 290g, replacement for approx. 30 kg filter sand

1 x PureFlow SKIMMER filter panel 20×30 cm (can be quickly cut to your skimmer size)

1 x Detailed step-by-step instructions for effective algae removal.

Pure Flow. German product. MADE IN GERMANY

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Weight 4,5 kg

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