PureFlow EGO Whirlpool

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Ideal for EGO3 tanks | 2 filters

  • Excellent, clear water quality

  • 100% filter chamber filling (volume filter)

  • Up to 250 times higher filter volume than cartridges

  • Long service life of PureFlow 3D cartridge filters

  • Highest quality and processing directly in Germany

  • Optimum in combination with our PureFlow filter pad



3D Filters for Frame Pools

You would like to ensure a perfect filtration of your frame pool independent of the manufacturers’ cartridges? With our innovative cartridge filter, you have access to a flexible solution that makes a good impression for all filter housings. With a filter volume that is up to 250 times larger than that of conventional filter cartridges (panel filters), you can rely on strong usage and benefit from the following advantages:

If you are still looking for a suitable size for your cartridge filter, we recommend the diameter of your filter housing plus another two centimetres. This ensures excellent cleaning of the pool and helps to prevent water from flowing past the filter. If you also want to make filtration independent of manufacturers’ cartridges in the future, PureFlow 3D cartridge filters are an unbeatable choice. Simply select the optimal size.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0,4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 cm


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