PureFlow exchangeable filter conversion

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The innovation: No more buying cartridges

  • Exchangeable filter independent of tiresome type search

  • Resistance-free and very high filter performance

  • Easy to wash out the filter panels

  • Multiple usability of the exchangeable filters

  • Smooth and quick filter changeover



Our flexible PureFlow interchangeable filters for your pool

With our PureFlow interchangeable filters you have it in your hands to change the used original cartridges with a few simple steps. The PureFlow exchangeable filter system helps to ensure that the choice of filter is no longer dependent on the specifications and characteristics of the manufacturer. It takes just a few minutes to replace the filters and benefit from these advantages:

As soon as the filter performance of the original cartridge decreases over time, you can remove the remaining fins. Then wrap the new filter panel around the base support, pull an associated tension net over it and thus ensure a significantly stronger filter performance. This helps to ensure that the filter performance no longer diminishes even after the original filter cartridge has been used up. Convince yourself to use the manufacturer-independent PureFlow interchangeable filters.

Additional information

Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 4 cm

Conversion incl. 3 filters 600x300x40mm and 3 nets 600mm


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