PureFlow filter for fine filter basket pool robot Dolphin E40i

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1 filter element (=2 segments) 200/175x130x70

  • Extremely powerful

  • Very high filtration efficiency

  • Protects the filter basket from blockage

  • Easy and quick to wash out under running water



Filter pool vacuum cleaners – Experience incredible filter performance

We offer extremely powerful ultra-fine filters for a wide range of cleaning robots. These fit optimally into the respective filter basket and offer an ingenious filter sharpness of less than 1 micron. This retains the finest dirt particles and significantly improves the cleaning performance of your pool vacuum cleaner. At the same time, you protect your filter basket from blockages and can clean it more easily and quickly at any time.

Our PureFlow ultra-fine filters ensure that even the finest dirt and suspended particles are reliably removed from your pool and guarantee a flow with almost no resistance.

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