PureFlow Iron- Rust- Microplastic Filter

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  • Enormous filter performance in the nano range

  • Protection against fungal and insect attack

  • Removal of iron, rust and manganese

  • Additional protection against microplastics



PureFlow Iron- Rust- Microplastic-Filter – Our nanofilters for iron, manganese, rust and microplastic.

The oxidation of iron in well water in the air leads to an unsightly and rusty brown colour. It is precisely this problem that we counteract with our nanofilters for iron, manganese, rust and microplastics, in order to prevent contamination already in the pre-filter. In addition, three further filter stages help to ensure that the water in the well always remains clean.

Our nanofilters for your well are available in different sizes. So you can easily decide on the volume that fits you and choose a content between 30 and 150 litres. Thanks to the division of the nanofilters into four filter areas including pre-filters, bad odours and biofouling are a thing of the past in the long run.

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1 filter disc Ø390x70mm, 1 filter disc Ø490x70mm, 1 filter disc Ø590x70mm


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