PureFlow NATURE filter panels MAXI

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individually usable filter panels, ideal for aquariums, fountains etc.

  • Strong filtration without releasing substances into the water

  • Suitable for fresh water as well as salt water

  • Can also be used against biofouling directly in the aquarium

  • Durable texture and washability

  • Filtration of food residues, algae, excrements and turbid matter



Practical natural filters for ponds, fountains, aquariums and much more!

Without sufficient filtration, the idyllic garden pond or the appealing fountain quickly becomes a reservoir for dirt and suspended matter. For this reason, we offer you the perfect support with our PureFlow natural filters and ensure a clear flow. Thanks to our chemical-free products, the water in the pond and fountain is guaranteed to remain uncontaminated.

Our unique PureFlow natural filters are convincing due to their simple application and thus enable a purely biological filtration. This lets you effortlessly deal with algae, pollen, food residues and many other substances that pollute the water in the pond, fountain or aquarium. Thanks to the easy start-up of the filters, you rely on a long-lasting solution and benefit from a healthy water biology. This makes our PureFlow natural filters an excellent relief for you.

Additional information

Weight 0,75 kg

3 filter panels 280x280x45mm


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