PureFlow NET – Pool Mains Filter

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6 flexible filter nets replace Intex®, Bestway® cartridges

  • Ideal for inflatable or fixed pools

  • Strong and durable filter structure

  • Perfect filtration from the first second

  • Mouldable, flexible application as cartridge replacement

  • Multiple washing out of the nets possible



Flexible pool mains filters without being tied to a specific manufacturer!

While the classic filter cartridges only fit to devices from the same manufacturer, you do not have this problem with our new pool net filters. They are suitable as a replacement for all classic filter cartridges as well as an alternative for cartridges from Bestway® and Intex®. Thanks to the significantly longer service life compared to many suppliers, the innovative PureFlow mains filters are convincing.

Even if the manufacturer-specific filter cartridges are not available, you do not have to do without strong filters for your pools. Our PureFlow net filters are the perfect example of a strong and intensive effect that also works independently of the respective pool manufacturer. This makes it easy to benefit from comprehensive and strong filtration without sacrificing comfort. Convince yourself of our unique PureFlow mains filters.

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