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280g + 100g activated carbon replace 35kg sand glass filter material

  • Guarantees crystal clear, clean water

  • Saves up to 75% of operating costs

  • Reduces chemicals for healthier bathing

  • Reduces damage to filter bowl, pipework and pump

  • Easy installation of the filter material in just a few minutes



Our 3D pool filter – innovative and powerful

Even in the most modern pools, pollen, algae, suspended matter and dirt are part of everyday life. With the right filter systems for your pool, however, this problem is a thing of the past. This is where our innovative 3D pool filters come into play, which fit any filter bowl and replace the classic sand for filtration in the best possible way. The following advantages also speak for the PureFlow 3D pool filters:

As an INNOVATION 2017 award winner, our 3D pool filter from PureFlow stands for the highest filter performance down to the nano range. Our filter remains 100% back washable and can be used for up to three years without filter replacement. At the same time, you save up to 50% chlorine and up to 90% of the flocculants required. If you are interested in a version of the PureFlow 3D pool filter with activated carbon or skimmer filter, we have just the right items.

Additional information

Weight 0,75 kg

280g filter material PRO 100g activated carbon segments


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