PureFlow PROTECT – Protect filter cartridge

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3 filter panels 600x300x30 mm incl. 3 tension nets

protects filter cartridges from contamination

  • Higher filter performance and cleaner water due to more filter volume

  • The PureFlow filter panel is easy to clean under running water

  • Increases the service life of your original cartridge

  • Easy to install



Protect Pool Filter Cartridge – Innovative protection, increased filter performance and longer life.

Protect your hard-to-clean filter cartridge with our easy-to-wash filter protector and extend its useful life. It’s easy. Wrap a PureFlow Protect filter panel around your filter cartridge and use the included tension net to fasten it in place. And these are your advantages:

The filter panel protects your original cartridge from contamination and thus increases its service life. This saves you money. Let us convince you and switch to simply ingenious filtering.

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Weight 0,4 kg

3 filter panels 600x300x30mm 3 nets 600mm

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