PureFlow RAIN

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10 replacement filters for PureFlow RAIN

  • No more blocked outlets and hoses

  • Clean, purified water in your cistern

  • Reduced biofouling and odours

  • Easily washable filters

  • Fits all gutters up to 80 mm diameter



The innovative solution for all rainwater users – the PureFlow Rain rain filter.

Do you collect rainwater and channel it into a cistern for further use? Then we have just the right product for you. With the PureFlow RAIN filter, you can clean rainwater discharged from the roof before it is fed into your collection tank (cistern) and thus prevent it from becoming increasingly polluted. Never again worry about blocked outlets and hoses and tap clean water from your tank whenever you want.

Use clean rainwater for your garden irrigation, ornamental fountains, fruit and vegetable beds and for all your flowers and plants.

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