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  • Optimum for protecting the main filter from debris

  • Additional pre-filtration for even more cleanliness

  • Optimum for skimmer baskets, pool skimmers and whirlpool skimmers

  • Easy cleaning of the filter under running water

Reduces biofouling and cleaning effort



A trouble-free pre-filtration with our PureFlow skimmer filters 15Ø

You would like to provide a strong pre-filtration in your pool? Our PureFlow skimmer filters 15Ø keep up to 99% of insects, leaves, flowers and needles out of your filter bowl and protect it from contamination. This keeps your main filter much cleaner in the long run and the filter material usable for longer.

With our practical PureFlow skimmer filters, you increase the service life of your filter material in the main filter and actively reduce biofouling at the same time. This prevents insects and many other contaminants from settling in the filter bowl in the first place. If you also want to reduce the service life and cleaning effort of your main filter, our PureFlow skimmer filters are exactly the right choice. We are therefore happy to help you with the filtration of your pool water.

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2 filters Ø160x40mm, 4 filters Ø160x40mm


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