PureFlow® NATURE is ideally suited for fresh and salt water aquariums, fish ponds, koys and breeding systems and significantly reduces turbidity and cleaning effort.

Aquaristics - for the health of your fish

Crystal clear water and healthy fish - with PureFlow® NATURE

Highly efficient fiber compounds developed in accordance with the ÖKO-Tex standard ensure absolutely clear water and therefore exciting and unclouded discoveries of the underwater world without destroying the beneficial bacteria.

The challenge of keeping fish and problems in aquaristics

Crystal-clear water and healthy fish - PureFlow®NATURE is ideal for fresh and salt water aquariums, fish ponds and breeding facilities and significantly reduces turbidity and cleaning effort. It also makes a significant contribution to the health of fish and amphibians.

PureFlow® enables a very high flow rate and prevents guide currents and dead water areas. Water is forced to pass through the high-density filter segments and is thus excellently cleaned of turbidity, excrement and feed residues.

PureFlow® reduces the use of chemicals and promotes the natural biology of the water habitat.



PureFlow® Aquaristik unbeatable advantages

  • PureFlow® guarantees stable and safe filtration with excellent water quality

  • PureFlow® is ideally suited for fresh and salt water

  • PureFlow® filters feed residues and excrement

  • PureFlow® promotes vital microbiology

  • PureFlow® is flexible and can be adapted to any filter room
  • PureFlow® protects your filter system and pump from contamination and damage

  • PureFlow® reduces the need for chemicals

  • PureFlow® reduces energy, water, operating and cleaning costs

  • PureFlow® can be washed out under running water and is easy to clean

  • PureFlow® is also available with enriched activated carbon

Application examples



We advise and support you during preparation, installation and commissioning and are always on hand with help and advice. We regard your efficient
filtration, free from any faults, and the smooth running of your aquarium business as our most important task. That is why we offer you an almost unlimited service.

Fish farming


Seawater aqua park

Fresh and salt water

Pureflow® Nature products

Filter panels made of high-tech PE fibers, regenerable, with maximum separation efficiency. PureFlow® NATURE is extremely flexible, can be individually shaped and is easy to cut.

Highly efficient, easily shaped and washable filter panels replace
filter foam, ceramic filter material
and expensive frame filters.

PureFlow® iron filter
for fountains

PureFlow® filter panels for baskets

Activated charcoal filter