PureFlow® is the new generation of filter material.
Hygiene and clean water are the most important things, especially in public swimming pools.

Swimming pool filter
for public pools

Crystal clear, flawless bathing pool water

PureFlow® has been proven to clean better than sand, can be backwashed at any time and meets the microbiological requirements for drinking water in accordance with DVGW W270 / DIN EN 16421:
KSW recommendation of the Federal Health Office for swimming and bathing pools | KTW recommendation for drinking water.

PureFlow® unbeatable advantages

  • Our swimming pool filters are suitable for every filter system

  • Quick, clean filter change

  • Can be backwashed at any time

  • High flow velocity

  • 1kg PureFlow replaces 100kg sand

  • Free from CFCs, PCBs and formaldehyde

  • Ideally suited for allergy sufferers

  • Significantly reduced biofouling

  • Up to 50% less chlorineIndividual product development

  • Up to 90% less flocculant

  • Up to 75% savings on annual costs

  • Up to 90% savings in time and effort

  • Up to 40% energy savings

  • Up to 77% water savings

  • Up to 75% savings on maintenance costs

  • Up to 75% savings on repair costs

Our quality = your safety

PureFlow Filter Systeme GmbH is the only European manufacturer of PE filter segments to fulfill the requirements of the KSW by the Federal Health Office (Bundesgesundhbl. 10/89).

Your personal contact

Ludwig Künzel

Specialist consultant for public pools & industry
Phone: +49 (0) 9251 946 50 25
E-mail: ludwig.kuenzel@pureflow-filter.com

Filter damage caused by abrasive sand is not necessary

Save on clean-up costs by using PureFlow®. Sand is
abrasive and damages/contaminates filter housings, filter nozzles, pipes,
sliders, valves and pumps. 

Unlike sand, PureFlow® high-tech fibers are non-abrasive and do not cause any damage to the entire filter system. This saves cost-intensive refurbishment of filter systems.

2 days Filter replacement
with sand

2 hour filter change
with PureFlow

Comparison PureFlow® vs. sand

Liquid must be passed through a filter with high selectivity and low resistance. PureFlow® fulfills these requirements 100%.

Solids contamination filtered out and made visible with PureFlow® after normal sand filtration.

Field report by the technical manager of the Ilmenau swimming pool association

We would be happy to provide you with a profitability calculation of your savings in comparison between sand and PureFlow.

Application examples of our swimming pool filters

We advise and support you during preparation, installation and commissioning and are always on hand with help and advice. We regard efficient filtration, free of any faults, and the smooth running of your pool operation as our most important task. That is why we offer you an almost unlimited service.

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