Experience crystal clear, Caribbean blue water
for your pool with filter systems from PureFlow®.

Private pool

Only the best for your pool

With PureFlow® POOL, you can quickly and efficiently remove suspended matter, turbidity, insects, pollen, algae and many other organic and inorganic contaminants from your pool. Thanks to its ingeniously high separation efficiency, you can achieve excellent and crystal-clear water quality without turbidity in the shortest possible time compared to sand and glass filter material.

The original - Innovative pool filter from PureFlow®

  • Significant improvement in water quality compared to sand / glass filtration
  • Can be used immediately for all filter systems without conversion
  • Can be backwashed at any time and is very easy and clean to change with absolutely minimal effort
  • Reduces annual costs by up to 75% and chemical consumption by up to 95%, enabling healthier bathing

PureFlow® unbeatable advantages

  • Can be used immediately for all filter vessels
  • 100% backwashable at any time
  • Up to 50% less chlorine required
  • Up to 95% less flocculant
  • Up to 40% energy savings
  • Up to 77% less water required
  • Up to 75% reduction in maintenance costs
  • Up to 90% less time and effort
  • 8 times higher filter speed
  • Ingeniously protects against biofouling
  • INNOVATION 2017 award winners
  • No sanding in the pool
  • No damage to pumps due to sand
  • Especially recommended for allergy sufferers
  • Without binders, colorants, adhesives
  • Pure continuous fibers, without CFCs, PCBs, etc.
  • Extremely dimensionally stable and thermally strengthened
  • Protected against insect infestation
  • No mold infestation
  • Monitored product, Made in Germany
  • 320g replace heavy 25kg sand / glass
  • Qualified according to KSW / KTW
  • Certified in accordance with the Bathing Pool Water Ordinance
  • Certified in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance
  • Certified according to REACH regulation
  • Certified according to OEKO-TEX 100

Installing PureFlow® POOL in your filter vessel

Instructions for the PureFlow® POOL product

  1. Disconnect the filter bowl(s) from the power supply
  2. Open the filter housing
  3. Remove the old filter material
  4. Clean the filter housing
  5. Fill the filter bowl 75% full with PureFlow® POOL
  6. Close the filter housing
  7. Connect the filter bowl to power
  8. Bleed the air from your filter bowl if necessary
  9. Start with a short backwash
  10. Switch to normal operation

More products for the perfect pool

PureFlow® skimmer filter

We recommend our PureFlow® skimmer filter as a pre-filter for your skimmer basket. The skimmer filter keeps up to 90% of contaminants such as insects, pollen, pine needles and many turbid and suspended particles out of your main filter. The skimmer filter can be removed quickly and easily at any time, washed out under running water and reinserted.

PureFlow® skimmer filter

  • The innovative skimmer filter relieves your main filter, filters flies, ants, spiders, algae, pollen, leaves and many other pollutants and prevents them from entering the pump and boiler.
  • It reduces unpleasant biofouling and thus considerably extends the service life of the filter material. The skimmer filter can be quickly removed and washed out under running water.

PureFlow® activated charcoal filter

Our PureFlow® activated charcoal filter protects your bath water from microbiological contamination such as bacteria, viruses, germs and fungi. It reduces unpleasant odors and biofouling. We recommend adding 100g PureFlow activated carbon filter to 320g PureFlow 3D POOL filter material.

PureFlow® backwash grille

Our PureFlow backwash grid protects against unintentional rinsing of the filter material during backwashing processes.
The backwash grid is only required for older filter boilers without an outlet grid and only if the diameter of the outlet pipe exceeds 5 cm.


PureFlow can be backwashed at any time. Please take care not to overload your filter bowl (fill to a maximum of 75%).
If there is too much filter material in the bowl, there will be too little free space and the filter elements will not be able to detach during backwashing to be flushed
. In addition, filter elements located in front of the outlet prevent dirt from being discharged during your backwash.