With PureFlow® pond filters, you can filter quickly and cheaply in a simple and efficient way. Enjoy a clear view of clear water. 

Ponds - the feel-good oasis
for your fish

Effective for ponds, fountains, landing nets and much more.

We've all been there: cloudy pond, dirty aquarium glass, boggy rain barrel. PureFlow® NATURE is the ingenious, innovative and flexible filter solution for guaranteed biological filtration. Quickly and effortlessly remove pollen, algae, food residues, excrement and the finest suspended particles or simply filter your rainwater directly at the gutter and before the cistern inlet. This gives you incredibly clear water quality.

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PureFlow® Nature unbeatable advantages

  • Adaptable for all filter housings and containers

  • UV-stable, no mold infestation

  • Can be used immediately and without conversion

  • Washable at any time and extremely durable

  • Proven not to release any substances into water

  • Removes the finest solid particles and turbidity

  • Significantly reduces biofouling
  • Free from paints, adhesives, silver ions

  • Free from CFCs, PCBs and formaldehyde

  • Free from toxic substances

  • Suitable for fresh and salt water

  • Positively supports aquatic biology

  • Pressureless vertical and horizontal filtration

  • Highest flow rate, no resistance

Areas of application

Ponds, streams & watercourses

Garden irrigation



Rain gutters

Landing net

Basket filter

Pond filter

PureFlow® professional tip:

For perfect filtration, water must be passed through a filter with high separation efficiency quickly and without fail. The shape of the filter is
irrelevant. PureFlow® fulfills these properties and can be individually shaped and is extremely flexible.

Pureflow® Nature products

Filter panels made of high-tech PE fibers, regenerable, with maximum separation efficiency. PureFlow® NATURE is extremely flexible, can be individually shaped and is easy to cut.

Highly efficient, easily shaped and washable filter panels replace
filter foam, ceramic filter material
and expensive frame filters.

PureFlow® iron filter
for fountains

PureFlow® filter panels for baskets

Activated charcoal filter